Dec 7, 2009
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Why Solutions Assistant?

Selecting a website designer, hosting company, or any solution, can be frustrating, time-consuming, and without a doubt confusing. Solutions Assistant was started because we understand the problems of web designers, individuals, and small to large businesses.

For the newcomers to hosting, you'll be faced with great deal of different combinations when chosing a hosting plan. How much storage space do you need? How much bandwidth? Do you need database support? If you choose the wrong plan, you can be limited to features, storage space and bandwidth. What if you exceed your bandwidth quota? These are all questions that we can help guide you through, so that you make the correct choice.

What seperates Solutions Assistant from all of the other web development and hosting companies out there is our commitment to professional quality and our understanding of our clients needs. We approach each client's needs on an individual basis to ensure they get what they want and need at the most affordable prices. We don't try to sell you or tell you that you need services that you don't.

Marketing your company's services has changed from simple advertising in trade magazines, newspapers, yellow pages and radio ads, to web advertising. The internet community is growing more rapidly than ever anticipated, and companies without a web presence are being forgotten.

A website is actually another form of advertising, exposing your company to a far greater audience than you can find using any other advertising methods, and at far less cost. An individual or small company may only few pages in their website, which could cost as little as under $100. This is a one time expense. Once you have your pages, you simply need to pay for hosting (as low as $4.95/month), and domain registration (under $10/year).

Over 75% of American homes have access to the internet, and this number is rapidly increasing. With the falling prices of high speed internet services, more and more homes are connected to the internet at all times. Over 80% of your clients will look online for your company's information before searching through the phone book or newspaper. Even the smallest businesses increase their client contact over 30% when beginning their own internet marketing.

Hiring Solutions Assistant to complete your website needs can save you time and money. It takes years of experience to know what is visually appealing and many man hours to develop an effective website. If you don't have 80 hours or more to put into designing your own site, we recommend finding a website developer who can provide you with a complete range of services, including web design, web marketing, web hosting and web administration.

Solutions Assistant can create your website, submit your site to search engines and other sites that promote your services, set up and configure your website hosting, administer your website, and provide maintenance and updates as often as needed.