Dec 7, 2009
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Switching to Us

Switching or transferring an existing domain name and/or website to Solutions Assistant is simple, and you don't have to worry about redoing all of your work.

How do I use my existing domain name with Solutions Assistant?

To use your existing domain name with Solutions Assistant Web Hosting, you will need to contact your domain registrar and request a name server change to redirect your existing domain name to your new web site hosted by Solutions Assistant. Or if you have the ability to change your name server, then you will not need to contact anyone else. Simply log into your domain registrar, and locate the area where the settings can be changed.

You should provide your domain registrar with the following information:

I would like Solutions Assistant to host my domain name.
Please make the following changes for [enter your domain name here]:

Primary Name Server:
Primary IP Address:
Secondary Name Server:
Secondary IP Address:

If you are not sure who your domain registrar is, then you can look it up in the public domains registry, called the WHOIS directory. You can also Contact Us, and we would be happy to find this out for you.

Please Note:

  • Only the domain owner can request this change.
  • This is not a registrar transfer. Your domain name registration will remain with your registrar. It will simply point to Solutions Assistant's servers. You will still be responsible for domain name fees and renewal with your current provider.
  • Your name server change may not take effect for up to 72 hours.

How do I move my site to Solutions Assistant Web Hosting?

  • Save all of your website files to your computer. This may include numerous different file types and folers. Don't forget to save your webpages, images, sound files, and video clips.
  • Transfer these files from your computer to your Solutions Assistant Web Hosting Account using FTP software.
  • After you've uploaded the files, preview your site before publishing it to the Internet. You can continue to preview and make adjustments until all your web pages look exactly the way you want.
  • If you are using an existing domain name, contact your registrar to change your name servers (see instructions above). This change will redirect your existing domain name to your website hosted with Solutions Assistant.
  • Once this change has been made, your files will be published to the Internet.
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