Dec 7, 2009
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Spider Page Analysis

For successful and prominent site registration, it is not enough to simply register the main (index) page of your site. A number of search engines will do with this, they will scan the other pages of your site on their own, but the process will take much time and will not be as effective.

This is connected with the search depth restrictions; many search engines do not scan deeper than the 3rd level. To overcome these difficulties, a spider page analysis will help make sure that ALL your site pages have been successfully registered on the search engines. This powerful analysis will allow for your entire site to be submitted to the search engines, not just the home page.

What is a "spider"?

When you submit a web page to a search engine for indexing, the engine sends a spider to your site index to crawl the contents of the page. "Spider Analysis" is simply analyzing the search engine spider that visits your site.