Dec 7, 2009
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Silver Plan – SE Optimization & Submission

Search engine submission is the most effective and inexpensive way to promote your web site on the Internet. Our Silver search engine optimization and submission Plan will enable you to take full advantage of this powerful advertising opportunity. The Silver Plan provides an immediate boost to your website in terms of its high search engine ranking. The Silver Plan has become our most popular search engine submission and optimization plan, because it has numerous, significant advantages over most search engine submission services you’ll find.

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Here is a list of features included in the Silver Plan.

  1. Initial Website Analysis/Ranking Report

    Solutions Assistant will analyze your web site from the point of view of Search Engine Optimization. We will also research the present ranking of the web site and submit a detailed report to you.
    • Website Analysis
    • Detailed Search Engine Ranking Report
    • Feedback on Necessary Content or HTML Additions
  2. Keyword / Key Phrases Research & Competitive Analysis

    Solutions Assistant will research your industry and suggest the best set of keywords and phrases to optimize your web site. We will also analyze the key phrases being used by well placed competitors on top Search Engines.
    • Meta Tag Generation
    • Keyword Density Analysis
  3. Keyword/Key Phrases optimization

    • Solutions Assistant will optimize your web site for 15 key words/ key phrases.
  4. Web Site Promotion/Search Engine Optimization

    • Web Pages - 5
    • Web page optimization of 5 pages. including custom optimized Meta Tags (title, description, keywords / key phrases).
    • Image Optimization
      Optimization of Images on the web pages.
    • HTML Validation
      Web page validation check and fix any errors.
    • Site Map
      Create search engine friendly site map for the web site.
  5. Search Engine Submissions

    • Manual and automatic submission to top search engines.
  6. Directory Submissions

    • Manual and automatic submission to 90 top online directories.
  7. Monthly SEO/Ranking Report

    Solutions Assistant will generate a monthly SEO/Ranking Report on your web site to demonstrate the improvement in the placement of your website in different search engines.
    • Detailed Online Search Engine Ranking Report
    • Thorough Search Engine Optimization Report
    • Submission of up to 3 pages to 1000+ search engines and directories, once a month for 12 months (over 36,000 submissions annually)